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Imagine facing long hospital stays, painful testing, difficult surgeries and all that comes with a child's medical care. 

Unfortunately, birthdays for siblings, children and parents are often overlooked. Many of our families are just trying to make it through the day. 

They miss out on small, everyday joys like youth sports, school events, and quiet family dinners. Our hope is that they won't also lose the chance to celebrate a birthday. And you can help! 

Celebrating a Special Little Girl

Recently, we threw a birthday party for Jamie and her beautiful family. It was a carnival-themed party with a special guest appearance from Minnie Mouse. What a joy to spend the day with Jamie and her family celebrating and making memories. This special little girl and her family have been through so much. Thanks to volunteers and donors, we were able to celebrate her and minister to the entire family through food and fun. 

We Want to Say Yes! 

Whenever, we get the call from a social worker asking for a special party, cake or gift, we want to say "yes!" We want to help overwhelmed parents and a child like Jamie feel special and loved. 

You can help us say "yes" and spread birthday sunshine to children and families.  

It's simple: 

1. Click on the Donate button to help spread joy.

2. Set up your own fundraiser to celebrate your special day or the special day of someone you love. Click on the Join the Campaign to set up your own fundraiser and get your friends and family involved. 


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